We need your help.

There’s a lot of gyms out there and all of them are advertising their wares for new clients in some newspaper somewhere all the time.

We’re thinking about an advertising campaign for RAW.

We’ve noticed that I’ts common practice for gyms to offer prospective new clients all kinds of discounts to get them to come to their gym. We’ve never understood that approach. We think that it’s much better to take care of our existing clients rather than give all kinds of special deals and half price memberships to perfect strangers just to build up sales.  If we’re going to give anyone special treatment it will be you, our loyal clients, as evidenced by our summer spa sprinkling system.

We’ve also noticed that most everything that these places advertise as being so wonderful, we couldn’t imagine offering it to you with a straight face.
Treadmills? Mirrors? Stair-Masters? Lights, heat, air-conditioning, paper towels. OK, so we can understand how those last few could be a draw but the first three!? We’re proud not to offer that stuff.

Here’s where we need your help.
Let us know what you think of our campaign ideas listed below.


Here’s a picture of Dean that we may want to use.


It sort of typifies what we’re going after over here don’t you agree?


Here’s another one that we can use to brag about our extensive cardio classes.



And when it comes to equipment, whoa! How about this one?

Yea, we knew you’d like it.


And then we need one to show the results of being on those treadmills
when you’re watching your favorite TV show…..Ready?






Won’t this get them breaking down the doors to get in!?

Send us anything else about RAW that you think we may have overlooked.

We’ll appreciate it.