So here is what you think of us!

Little Shop of Horrors? 🙂

Holistic something or other?

Physical wellness center, Holistic torture chamber?

Dynamic Strength, Flexibility, Agility for your daily activities

Old School/New Life

The missing link in exercise

It’s the actions-speaks-louder-than-words workout place!!!

Elemental Fitness-

“Developing What’s Necessary to Meet Life’s Challenges”

RAW: Preparing Us for Life in Less Than an Hour a Day

Healthy, Outdoors, FUN and Adventurous!!

Adventurous needs to be in there for sure.

RAW Lifestyle: All the benefits of good health will follow

Son…..I knew this day would come.

S&M exercise class…Haunted house…Torture chamber…

RAW-strength and durability through functional motion

RAW- a natural alternative to today’s unnatural gym

RAW-come drink the Kool-aid (editor’s note…make that plain water)

RAW – you wont believe what your capable of

RAW- leave your ego at home, THE HUMBLING IS ON US.

RAW- The earth is our treadmill, a bike is our bike and a mountain is our stair master.”GET REAL, GET RAW”!
HEY I Like that one… GET REAL, GET RAW!

RAW FITNESS GUARANTEE – 1 year with us and you will be qualified to protect sturgeon in Russia with Vladamir

I’m glad you’re changing your name. Everytime I hear it I think of a raw food place…can I bring a cake for my kids birthday? (editors note….Ahhhh!!)

Nothing frilly or fancy. Just keeping it real, RAW

I tell people we are “FITNESS UN-PLUGGED”

RAW is the center for superior physical conditioning

The New Age Neanderthal Fitness Experience”

RAW the UN-GYM….United with Nature……the unconventional fitness experience!

Uniqueness is a beautiful thing. I think the fact that RAW does not fit any existing mold is great. Unless you are looking to open 1000 of them and franchise 1000 more. (editors note: …….Hmmm)

I think the ‘what you think of us’ comments are AMAZING! you should put this page in a more obvious place so any non-member can read what we all think. its very telling-in a great way. these comments convey the uniqueness of RAW and really show how challenging and fun it is. great idea to ask us!