R.A.W. Mission Statement

We believe in moving the way the body was designed to move.

We lift, carry, push, pull, drag, run and laugh. We are outdoors more often than in. We focus on the entire body rather than isolating individual muscles.

We do not believe in routine but believe in constant change. As a result our workouts are never the same. For this reason we do not have machines or the typical gym equipment.

For those that feel machines are necessary, there are many gyms in the area which can accommodate them. There are very few, if any, that are offering what we are offering.

We can guarantee you will feel stronger, younger and healthier and will have fun doing it.


So here is what you think of us!

Little Shop of Horrors? 🙂

Holistic something or other?

Physical wellness center, Holistic torture chamber?

Dynamic Strength, Flexibility, Agility for your daily activities

Old School/New Life

The missing link in exercise

It’s the actions-speaks-louder-than-words workout place!!!

Elemental Fitness-

“Developing What’s Necessary to Meet Life’s Challenges”

RAW: Preparing Us for Life in Less Than an Hour a Day

Healthy, Outdoors, FUN and Adventurous!!

Adventurous needs to be in there for sure.

RAW Lifestyle: All the benefits of good health will follow

Son…..I knew this day would come.

S&M exercise class…Haunted house…Torture chamber…

RAW-strength and durability through functional motion

RAW- a natural alternative to today’s unnatural gym

RAW-come drink the Kool-aid (editor’s note…make that plain water)

RAW – you wont believe what your capable of

RAW- leave your ego at home, THE HUMBLING IS ON US.

RAW- The earth is our treadmill, a bike is our bike and a mountain is our stair master.”GET REAL, GET RAW”!
HEY I Like that one… GET REAL, GET RAW!

RAW FITNESS GUARANTEE – 1 year with us and you will be qualified to protect sturgeon in Russia with Vladamir

I’m glad you’re changing your name. Everytime I hear it I think of a raw food place…can I bring a cake for my kids birthday? (editors note….Ahhhh!!)

Nothing frilly or fancy. Just keeping it real, RAW

I tell people we are “FITNESS UN-PLUGGED”

RAW is the center for superior physical conditioning

The New Age Neanderthal Fitness Experience”

RAW the UN-GYM….United with Nature……the unconventional fitness experience!

Uniqueness is a beautiful thing. I think the fact that RAW does not fit any existing mold is great. Unless you are looking to open 1000 of them and franchise 1000 more. (editors note: …….Hmmm)

I think the ‘what you think of us’ comments are AMAZING! you should put this page in a more obvious place so any non-member can read what we all think. its very telling-in a great way. these comments convey the uniqueness of RAW and really show how challenging and fun it is. great idea to ask us!