We couldn’t describe what are classes are like, so we left it up to our clients…


Northvale, New Jersey
On Sunday, a number of members of the nearby RAW Fitness Center suspected that the fearless leadership is making an attempt to go franchise. Five of RAW’s devoted, consistent, but perhaps twisted members of the local gym attended an assumed “20”minute bicycle tour to a lake in order to take a swim. The members report that a typical RAW Sunday class has elements of fear, risk and danger which could sometimes be misconstrued as sheer fun by all. However, on this particular tour, the members found gym leaders, Dean and Jodi equipped with more than one Band-aid for certain.

This time they had a search and rescue member whom they called “Dominic”. The search and rescue actually had extra helmets, water and band-aids. Suspicions continued on the rise when one member known by all as “original Frank” asked if he needed a helmet and Dean said, “absolutely, you can’t ride these trails without a helmet”. All members glanced at each other in disbelief.

The RAW members set out on what they were told was a twenty minute bicycle ride to a lake. It was evident that Dominic knew the tour was really 15.75 miles long and that the first 7 miles were all uphill. Dominic apparently understood the “silent nod” which indicated to him, keep quiet what they don’t know won’t hurt them. In addition, evidence of Franchise opportunity increased even more when “original Frank” got a flat tire within the first ten minutes and a bicycle pump was on hand to fix the flat. Many familiar with RAW understand that in the past, a flat tire at the start of the trip probably meant you were continuing on the trail hiking with a bike on your back. Band-aids were few and far between never mind a bicycle pump. As the trip continued and the group climbed up 7 long miles many stops for sight-seeing opportunities took place. One particular member was even able to take pictures of the views. Again, an indication to many that RAW could be trying to expand. Sight-seeing is typically underrated and unexpected on these excursions. In one instance, Dean even stopped to direct the bikers onto a different path in order to grab a view as they were passing by. Sheer proof that something seemed fishy. It is also very important to note that one view was better than the next. The beauty of the water, trees, sky, and landscape presented images in the mind that would last forever. The sounds of every RAW member laughing every minute will be remembered forever.

If RAW was going to go franchise, there should be a race to grab the opportunity ASAP after Sunday’s excursion. The highlight of the trip was when the 7 miles ended in the most refreshing swim. The lake water was perfect. Crystal clear, perfect temperature. The RAW group jumped in the lake when Dominic took out an underwater fancy camera and took pictures of us all under water. Now…even picture opportunities at RAW? IT makes one wonder even more: Who is this Dominic? Is he a hired “ringer” in charge of building this fake façade for RAW? According to one RAW member who was not in attendance, but commented on a photo, the only indication that RAW may be remaining unique and not franchising was the presence of a sign that read: NO SWIMMING TODAY. Yet, the RAW team went swimming.

This is more typical than atypical behavior which causes one to pause and question whether this is a franchise attempt or just the sheer presence of a friend, Dominic, who just happened to join in the fun. After the swimming excursion took place, Dominic led the crew down 8.5 more miles of fantastic biking and views. Dominic even took the group to a natural Jacuzzi which was not working unfortunately.

If RAW plans to franchise, they may want to look into that by the way. In addition, if they want to franchise they may want to pipe in Janet’s voice echoing through the valley as another member John indicated would be quite warming to all members giving them a feeling of home. In all, it is safe to say that if Dean and Jodi are planning to go franchise, it is certain that the fun and friendship that was built on this excursion as well as many others is certainly irreplaceable and cannot be duplicated. Therefore, it is not recommended that they attempt to branch out. The uniqueness leaves you speechless.

Just thought I’d share an update with you. I went back to the hand doctor and he said i could go back to the gym now!..so i asked are rope climbs ok?

…he said “no”, then i said can i do pulls ups… he said “no”….how about tire flips?.. “no” …..weights? ..”well maybe”..can i carry a 45lb bar over my head while walking around the building?? he said “what kind of gym is this?” then he said “don’t they have any machines?”….. and I said no….then he said “two more weeks.”…


I open my eyes, look at the clock, get the kids off to school, straighten up the beds, and drag my body towards the day ahead. It is time to visit my happy place. That’s what I have been doing for the past year of my life. Three days a week from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., I am in my happy place. I sweat, I pant, I run ragged, I weaken, I struggle, I overexert, I deplete, I dispel. I am in my happy place.

It doesn’t seem to make any sense, even to me, but a year ago I joined a gym. It was a HUGE deal for me because I have never been the gym type of girl. I am overweight, out of shape, and think all gyms are just a waste of time. I eat unhealthy, I like an occasional cocktail and a smoke, and I like to cuddle up on the couch with a bag of chips and a good movie. Don’t get me wrong, I am active. I like to go on long hikes, I like to walk along the beach, I like to play some touch football with the kids, I like activities. I don’t like to encapsulate everything into one hour, have sweat dripping from my body, and struggle to complete the task requested of me. Doing all of this while everyone is watching me. No thank you.

A year ago, a friend of mine said to me, “Come with me to this gym. It’s awesome. Just try it out. They offer a free trial class.” I figured I had nothing to loose, so I went. It wasn’t like all the gyms I created in my mind. There were no machines. There weren’t a bunch of jack up body builders. The people there came in all different sizes and shapes. Maybe this would be fun. Fun is not the word I would use to describe my first experience at RAW, entertaining maybe, but not fun. I was happy that I was able to complete the task requested of me without everyone staring and judging, so I went a second time.

The weekend after my first two experiences at RAW was quite the challenge. I could not go to the bathroom without every single muscle in my body screaming “Hold it in, I can’t stretch that way.” I not only thought to myself that I was crazy, I shared with my sisters, “What the hell was I thinking? This is completely insane!”

Tuesday morning approached and I decided that I was going to join, just for a month because that was all I could probably handle. There was something enticing about the experience even though I couldn’t walk for days, and I was ready to commit. I started to see results in the shape of my arms, in everyday projects, and in my ASS. It actually started to have a bump. The little things kept me coming back for more and more pain. I would accommodate the gym first, and everything else would be secondary. I started attaining goals I personally set out for myself as well as what was petitioned to me. I did handstands, sit-ups, push-ups, lifted weights, carries rocks on my back, and ran up and down hills. I started encouraging my family to work out. Who was this person? The old me was gone and a new healthier me had emerged.

It was a chilly November morning. I was excited and scared, but I was going to do it. I was going to run in my first 5K. 3.2 miles of pure adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I am not a runner. I pant after a quarter of mile. What makes me think I can do this? The whistle blew and we were off. I escaped into another world and I was going to do this! I figured if I had to I would walk, but I had to finish. The time did not matter, I just had to finish. After the first mile, I felt pretty good. I wasn’t the first in the bunch, but I wasn’t the last. Words of wisdom from my son before I left, “Mom, I know you-you won’t finish first and you won’t finish last-but you will finish. And here I was, living the words. The words ran through my mind with every muscle aching in my legs and I was determined. A tear fell from my eye as I thought of how much this experience has taught my children to never give up, always complete what you have set out to do, and always finish what you start. I crossed the finish line barely breathing, feeling like I was going to vomit right then and there. I didn’t vomit but I DID FINISH.

I have had such strong feelings of accomplishment from my past year at RAW. I have performed tasks I never expected could be possible. I stare at the WALL every time I arrive and think, “They’re crazy, this cannot be done in an hour,” but somehow it is. I am pushed to my breaking point at least once a week. I am sore everyday. I sweat, I pant, I run ragged, I weaken, I struggle, I overexert, I deplete, I dispel. I am in my happy place.

As you can see from our clients emails above, RAW Classes are difficult to describe on an individual class basis. That’s why you won’t see any cute or silly names like, Butt Buster or Ab-aerobics or even the much used buzz word Boot Camp for that matter, to describe any of our classes.

  • We focus on you, not your biceps or your butt or your abs.
  • When you are a member at RAW we don’t just do an Ab class and forget about you.
  • We pay attention to what you eat, your daily activity level, and the other 23 hours that you’re not in a RAW class.
  • We have no mirrors no scales no rulers and no instruments to measure your BMI or your biceps.
  • We have apples and grapes and seeds and nuts.
  • We care about your long term health and your performance.
  • We want you playing with your kids and with your kid’s kids.
  • We want your kids to try and keep up with you not the other way around.
  • We know that if you are eating right and moving right you will feel great and look great.

Think about it. When was the last time you felt great but didn’t look great?

Life is like that and RAW classes are like life. Just as we have no idea what the next day will bring in real life, we have no idea what will happen when you come to the next RAW class, but over time you will be able to handle anything RAW or life can throw at you…..watch!

We have bench mark classes that will enable you to check your performance over time as you become healthier and proficient. That’s the extent of our measurements, Health and Performance!

Eat Right. Move Right. Forget about the scales and the measurements and the mirrors.

You will be beautiful!