The Other 23 Hours is an ongoing blog dedicated to answering questions RAW clients have asked about the current, cutting edge, up-to-date thinking on eating, exercising, injury prevention, and where we buy our clothes.

We started RAW with one goal.  We wanted to keep our clients healthy, happy and outdoors well into their 100s. We like long term goals.

Here comes the tricky part. We’re not even sure we should tell you this but,

WE DON’T FOCUS ON WEIGHT LOSS! There, we said it.

Well it’s not just weight loss we don’t focus on. It’s also six pack abs, bubble butts, jiggling triceps, belly fat, hip fat, leg fat, back fat and, just-in-case we left any out, ___________ fill in the blank.

The books selling best now are diet, nutrition, health and exercise. We’re also told that TV cooking shows are extremely popular. The fastest growing business, even in this economy, is gyms. And guess what else?

The fastest growing animal on this planet is us.

We all know the obesity epidemic among our species is bad and getting worse. Before we go on let’s just agree that we are doing something wrong. All the information we are getting from these books and gyms and TV shows, obviously, is not working…

…..and that’s what The Other 23 Hours is about.



….oh, 9:15 am will be the only class held on Friday, November, 28th, the day after thanksgiving. All other classes on that day will be cancelled.  Happy Thanksgiving!