Why RAW?

Standard gyms offer more fad chasing classes, fancy equipment, latest machines and many other amenities. We have heard this many times. In fact, when we look at the ads that gyms put out there, everything that they brag about we’re very happy NOT to include at RAW. We are not focused on your outward appearance or our surroundings unless it’s at one of our outdoor classes in the woods where we all should be most of the time anyway.

Here’s some background info we feel is needed on how and why RAW started.

We met working out at a local gym trying to find some wall space and floor space that wasn’t blocked by massive amounts of machines. Both of us were always looking to get outside to exercise, whether it was trail running, mountain biking or just playing around (we both we blessed with ADD and get bored very quickly). We soon found ourselves competing against each other in outdoor adventure races. Dean got tired of losing to Jodi and decided to join forces.  It wasn’t long before similar philosophies on life and living were noticed. One very important observation was that getting healthy should be a family affair and cost effective.
When we started RAW 7 years ago it began as a little store front in Northvale. We soon needed more space so we moved up the road to our current facility. Our main focus was creating a family friendly, cost effective, no excuse environment that got people healthy and in great shape.

We both care very deeply about holistic health and overall well being. We don’t care about what you are wearing or how you look or how we look or what we are wearing (just look at Dean’s feet). We don’t accept excuses for not being active and not caring about your long term health. Some have compared us to Crossfit or other bootcamp classes and that’s all good because one of the hardest things for us is to describe what we actually do.

Our focus is on you staying active and healthy for the rest of your life and have fun doing it!

We won’t have you sign contracts or lock you into a membership that you wish you could get out of.
We want you to want to come.

So, why RAW?….Because we care….and we don’t accept excuses.