• “I have no idea where to even begin”!
  • “I know I’ve lost everything that took me so long to get when I was in shape”!
  • “I haven’t exercised in so long I’m afraid to start”!
  • “I’m afraid I will be so sore that I won’t be able to move the next day”!
  • “I can’t face the fact that I’ve let myself go so I don’t want to start again”!
  • “I feel if I can’t do what I used to be able to do I’ll be so disappointed and just quit.”
  • “I’ll be so self conscious and intimidated that I can’t imagine going back into a gym.”
  • “I know I won’t even be able to get through the first class, it will be terribly embarrassing”!
  • “I don’t have a thing to wear”!
 “………but I still do value my health and the health of my loved ones”
If one or more of these statements could have come from you…..THEN:
Come to RAW 15 minutes early to ANY CLASS on our schedule and we will make sure that the paralyzing comments above will no longer have a place in your thoughts.
For those quick 15 minutes before class starts we will guide you slowly and progressively through a series of exercises that will begin to form the foundation of your future fitness and life goals. You will do the work but there will be no pressure, no judgments, no intimidation and most of all no more guilt stemming from a feeling of hopelessness.  
Come and find out that you’re not alone.
Come and get a jump-start………the right way this time.
See you on soon,
Jodi and Dean


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